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Original "Last Christmas" music video gets a 4K makeover

It wasn't until recently that people began to think of George Michael's "Last Christmas" as a Christmas standard. The song is part of the Wham! catalog--Michael's early group--and first appeared in 1984 as a single. It later became a part of "Music from the Edge of Heaven." the third album from Wham!

The song was also made into a music video in the same year it was released. Fast-forward 35 years and the song is still relevant, inspiring a big-budget romantic comedy and a refurbished version of the original video restored in glorious 4K Ultra. 

Academy Award-winning actress Emma Thompson who penned the film recalls meeting George Michael and being moved by his spirit, "The wisdom and emotional scope of George’s lyrics have always amazed me. So many feel like they were written for the movie.”

She adds:  “After I met George and experienced his compassion and understanding up close, I realized that in fact the movie was written for those lyrics.”

All songs for the film were written, arranged and produced by George Michael, except “This Is How (We Want You To Get High),” which was co-written and co-produced by George Michael and James Jackman.

Renown music video director Andrew Morahan helmed the original 1984 video which portrays Michael's character as a conflicted man on holiday with his friends which includes a woman of whom he was romantically involved with in the past.