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Real "Golden Girls" house could be next for set-replica restoration

Real "Golden Girls" house could be next for set-replica restoration.
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wreckordcollection - Instagram

The Golden Girls house might be next on the list of television restorations. 

If you haven't seen the recently-wrapped HGTV show A Very Brady Renovation then you don't know that Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott took the iconic Brady Bunch house and turned it into an exact replica of what viewers saw on television.

Trivia buffs know that during the opening shots only the exterior of the house, located in Studio City, CA., was used while the interiors were created on a sound stage. 

Drew and Jonathan along with HGTV and the remaining Brady cast members made fiction reality by purchasing the house and making the inside look like it did on television, which wasn't easy since the inside of the house was nothing like the set design. 

The brothers hinted at what house they would like to do next on their recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. According to House Beautiful, the guys said their next dream project comes from another sitcom, this time from the 80s.

“So, we’re thinking next, Golden Girls house,” Drew told Clarkson.

This choice might be as difficult as the Brady one, maybe more so, since once again the interior is an original set design with the use of an existing exterior for show opens.

And it gets even more complicated, season one shots of the front of the house were of the real home in Brentwood, but from season two onward the exterior shots were actually of a replica built on the backlot of Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. That replica was razed in 2003. 

But Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche and Rose probably wouldn't be too picky about where the real house is located, they just need a kitchen and dining area for late-night cheesecake discussions or neverending stories from Rose about St. Olaf. 

No word yet on if HGTV is considering the project. The real home is a private residence and is currently occupied.