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Cardi B wishes AIDS on reporter's mom in IG rant

Cardi B wishes AIDS on reporter's mother in IG rant.
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Cardi B has a few unchoice words for Access Hollywood's Joe Budden including hoping his "mother catch AIDS...”

The rapper was not happy with how an interview she did while promoting her latest project was issued in the final cut. 

In the conversation, the artist discussed being a mother and having to work while being away from her daughter, Kulture, for short periods of time.

She told Budden, apparently in the figurative sense, "But when you come back from that work, and your kid really don't want to spend time with you , they wanna hug your mom more than you or call your mom 'mommy,' that's (expletive deleted)." 

When the article was released, the headline read: "Cardi B Admits Baby Kulture Calls Someone Else ‘Mommy.'" 

Infuriated at what the headline implied, the singer quickly went on Instagram and clapped back in an expletive-filled rant

“B*tch, that’s not what the f**k I said! Don’t use my … kid for clickbait, b*tch! Don’t cut sh*t off trying to make me look like I’m a f**k-ass mom!”

Growing more intense Cardi B's response increased in vulgarity, “Access Hollywood, suck my whole d*ck. Suck a d*ck, I hope your f*cking mom catch AIDS, bitch," she yelled. 

Digital media site +Life, advocates for ending the HIV/AIDS stigma. They reacted to Cardi B’s use of AIDS as an insult and released this statement:

"Cardi B we love you & your outspokenness. PLEASE be careful throwing around “AIDS” or “HIV.” The stigma is real. HIV rates are on the rise with black, brown and trans Americans, and stigma plays a big part in that. Together we can fight to #EndHIVstigma but it starts with love and understanding‬."

HIV or AIDS stigma is the prejudice and negative attitudes that often collectively befall people living with the disease. 

You can watch the NSFW video HERE