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Category is: Beyoncé Realness

Category is: Beyoncé
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Kalen Allen -- Twitter

It's not very often that a mononymous pop icon's birthday seems like a national holiday, but Queen Bey herself turns 38 today and the world is throwing her a party. 

The Ellen Show darling Kalen Allen is one of the happy party-goers and he's giving Beyoncé realness in a special video birthday present. 

Allen has become a brand himself with his famous reaction videos on YouTube, but his true inspiration is the "Formation” singer herself. 

"Beyoncé helped me discover my confidence, but also my femininity,” Allen says. “I admired her fierceness, strength, and power on stage. I wanted that for my life. She was my superhero!

“I also think as a Black woman she is constantly being made to prove herself and constantly gives so much of herself to us. I wanted to do this to say that I am so, so, so very proud of her and I wanted to give her her flowers.”

His video montage in honor of the former Destiny's Child songstress puts him in full female impersonator mode with makeup and costumes. 

He told Out that the entire project took two days to complete with a crew of 10. 

“I was in heels for 12 hours for two days and had to keep going no matter how bad my feet hurt,” he said. 

Not all of his followers appreciated the concept and unfollowed him as he teased the project through a series of still with him in drag. 

"That doesn’t bother me; I prefer for the trash to take itself out.”

You can watch the video HERE.