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"Stranger Things" lead character may have been originally written as gay

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Stranger Things - Netflix

It seems when it comes to gay characters, Hollywood can't make up its mind about who is and who isn't especially when the person is a major player. The hit sci-fi/horror series on Netflix, Stranger Things, made an LGBT reveal this year for its third season, but questions still linger about Will Byers' (Noah Schapp) and where he falls--if he does--in the spectrum.

If you haven't seen the latest season, you may want to go watch before reading further as there are some spoilers ahead. 

For those of you who have binged on Stranger Things 3, there is a blaring question that has many fans wondering about Will: "Is he? Or isn't he?" The bang-coiffured tween is one of the main characters in the series and in this latest one, his friends are experiencing major emotional changes, especially when it comes to love for the opposite sex. 

This leads to a confrontation when Will questions why all of his friends are not spending as much time with him as they used to, prompting his friend Mike to say pointedly, “It’s not my fault you don’t like girls." 

Creators The Duffer Brothers, have not made any official statements regarding Will sexual preference, but they did include a lesbian character named Robin in this latest season. 

However, the initial pitch for the show, titled "Montauk" at the time, has come to light and in it, they describe Will thusly:  :

“WILL BYERS, twelve, is a sweet, sensitive kid with sexual identity issues. He only recently came to the realization that he does not fit into 1980s definition of ‘normal.’ His innocent choices, such as his colorful clothes, prove a constant source of bullying. Like Mike, Will escapes through fantasy gaming, where he can be himself, uninhibited. He has a close relationship with his mother, Joyce. His brother, Jonathan, helps raise him in lieu of their father, who abandoned them four years ago.”

Pinpointing a 14-year-old's sexual identity in real-life is a sensitive subject, so the show may have gotten it right this year if Will is in fact a part of the LGBT community, and that might also mean a coming out story is on the horizon. Since the Duffer Brothers seem to have a sensitive and understanding touch when it comes to tween awakenings, we can be assured the arc will be a good one.