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"Andi Mack" actor Joshua Rush: "I'm bi"

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The Disney Channel

The star of Disney's Andi Mack, Joshua Rush, published a Tweet today: "first to respond to this tweet is bi lol" to which he promptly answered himself: "first! i win! it's me. i'm bi. And now that I've said that, I have a few things to rant about. There are more important things to talk about than me liking a whole bunch of genders, but I do want to share a few things with you guys."

Rush, 17, made a bit of House of Mouse history over the past few years, his character Cyrus was the first in Disney Channel history to come out and have a same-sex romantic arc. That show took its final bow a few weeks ago but Rush is letting life imitate art. 

"Instead of feeling the courage to tell you today that I am an out and proud bisexual man because of the character I played for four years," Rush Tweeted. "I feel that courage thinking of all of you, who felt emboldened by Cyrus to come out."

The actor says he had a hard time dealing with his own sexuality. 

"I stuffed the existential crisis of talking about my sexual orientation into a box in my mind for years. Today, I release it into the world."

Rush recommends anyone going through the same thing, check out the GLAAD website.

He also asks that people donate to the Trevor Project,  an LGBT organization that helps fight youth taking their lives by suicide.

"Thank you to you for giving me the courage to know who I am and tell you this today," Rush wrote.