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Hulu to stream entire "Designing Women" series this August

"Designing Women" will stream on Hulu starting August 26.
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Over three decades ago, a CBS sitcom premiered and television would never be the same. "Designing Women" starred a cast of female heavyweights including Delta Burke, Annie Potts and Jean Smart. But it was the matriarch of the clan Julia Sugarbaker, portrayed by Dixie Carter, that made this show one for the ages.

Hulu has made a deal with Sony Pictures Television and will begin streaming the entire series, 163 episodes in all, on August 26. 

Airing from 1986 to 1993, the show took place at a design firm in Atlanta owned by Julia and her self-absorbed narcissistic a sometimes uncomfortably opinionated ex-beauty queen sister Suzanne (Burke). 

Together with co-workers Mary Jo (Potts), and Charlene (Smart) they tackled everything from misogyny to AIDS. Julia often the voice of reason would often to go off on a shade-filled rant about anything she disagreed with. 

Office assistant Anthony Bouvier (Meshach Taylor), gave the show a male perspective but was frequently drowned out by the ladies' pointed opinions. 

In 1987 the episode called "Killing All the Right People" was groundbreaking as it tackled the truth about HIV at a time when nobody, not even the president was acknowledging the epidemic. 

Superfans can catch the entire series (163 episodes across 7 Seasons) starting August 26 to relive the 80’s hit following the women’s no-nonsense wit, humor and day-to-day antics!