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Adult movie actors counterprotest with public sex simulation

Photo credit:
Dante Colle - Twitter

It was a hot day at the Santa Monica Pier on Monday and adult movie stars Michael DelRay (above left) and Dante Colle (below left) heated up the afternoon even further when they took off their shirts and simulated sex to counter anti-gay protesters yelling fire and brimstone. 

“Where will you spend eternity?" a disapproving man yelled from a megaphone, while someone held up a sign which read, "Where will you spend eternity? The fool has said, ‘There is no God.’ Repent or Perish."

Amid the busy tourist attraction and its many visitors, the men decided to improv a sex scene and kissed passionately before taking off their shirts, simulating a standing suspended position then going into a bottom on top on the floor of the pier.

Onlookers cheered around them, one protestor averted his stare while the one with the bullhorn intensified his voice in order to divert attention from the saucy actors. 

“I asked these Anti Gay preachers how to be forgiven for our sins. ‘Theres no helping you guys,’ he says…Well. Might as well enjoy it then…” Colle wrote in a tweet. 

The studs were recorded during their extreme act of public affection and the video has since gone viral

According to Queerty, Colle and DelRay are pals who are often seen posing together on Twitter. They have even worked together in an adult film.