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Debbie Gibson walks grooms down aisle in surprise visit

Debbie Gibson surprises grooms with wedding attendance.
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Only in their dreams could Darren Davis and Daniel Sene have imagined that a pop icon would be joining them in their wedding procession, but that is exactly what happened when Debbie Gibson showed up to walk them down the aisle earlier this month. 

Rewind a little bit to when Darren, on a whim, decided to reach out to Gibson via social media. The longtime comic book publisher wanted the "Electric Youth" singer to officiate the ceremony. 

"I contacted her sort of as a joke on Instagram when we got engaged," Darren tells San Diego Gay and Lesbian News.

Gibson is currently on a highly successful throwback tour called Mix Tape featuring 80's and 90's chart-topping musical acts. Sadly officiating wasn't in the cards. But, as luck would have it, the tour made a stop in Seattle, and Gibson took a special trip to Portland to attend the wedding.

"I did not know until 20 minutes before we walked that she would be coming," Darren says. But the singer did arrive and walked them arm-in-arm to the altar while her song Lost in Your Eyes played in the background, "We were so touched that she went out of her way for us," Darren adds. 

Actress Alyson Sullivan (Power Ranger: Wild Force) led the ceremony. 

But the honeymoon couldn't quite start after the vows were exchanged. The newlyweds and 40 guests were swept off to see the Mix Tape show at Gibson's invitation where she and New Kids on the Block member Joey McIntyre sang “Lost in Your Eyes."

"We were shocked that she dedicated the song to us," says Darren. "Also that Joey wanted to meet us afterwards because he did the duet to Lost In Your eyes with her.  It was great to spend time getting to know her on her tour bus with a couple friends."

Darren is a California native who works in the entertainment industry and Daniel is a former executive director of a symphony, a classically trained pianist and native Oregonian.

The couple will always have some sort of connection to Gibson, "she also served as a witness on our marriage license," says Darren.