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"The Babadook" gets a special Pride DVD release

Photo credit:
IFC Midnight

The most unlikely of appropriated LGBT heroes has been given his own special edition DVD, and it's for a good cause. The 2014 Australian horror film "The Babadook" is getting rainbow box art in celebration of his internet infamy. 

Back in 2016, the social media entertainment site Tumblr created a lavender mob over the film in which users insisted that the monster-in-the-top-hat was actually a metaphor for the gay experience, the term "Babadiscourse" was coined and the masses created a pop culture phenomenon nourished by whimsical memes. 

One of note was a screen grab of the film lodged in the LGBT category of Netflix, although it has been widely debunked that the image was photoshopped. Still for whatever reason, the mass insinuation gelled and the film became a part of U.S. Pride month celebrated in June.

To celebrate its status, home video restoration company Shout Factory has given "The Babadook" an exclusive Blu-ray release rainbow slipcover in honor of Pride 2019. 

 This embossed limited edition was made with the full participation of IFC Midnight

Only 2,500 are being made with a portion of the June sales going to Los Angeles LGBT Center.