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Expletive titled all-day bruncher to open in Hillcrest

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There's no mincing words, the name says it all for this new restaurant heading into Hillcrest. 

Breakfast Bitch is taking over the space that was once Vancouver Wings on Fifth Avenue and although the name might be a double-entendre, there's no mistaking what's on the menu. 

Serving brunch items all day,  Breakfast Bitch will also stay open late on the weekends to accommodate hungry club-goers after last call. 

The expletive in the title is prominently used in menu headings such as "Main Bitch," "Side Bitch," and "Skinny Bitch." Some items come with pancake batter so you can make your own. 

Food fare ranges from traditional eggs and bacon to lighter bites such as fruit and croissants. Drinks are what you might expect: Bloody Marys, mimosas and even draft beers. 

According to SanDiegoville, the spot is owned by former footballer and current entrepreneur Derrell Hutsona of Los Angeles. 

Breakfast Bitch will have its soft opening on Friday, June 14 with a grand opening on Saturday, June 15. 

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