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Britney won't perform "in the near future...possibly never again"

Britney's manager says she won't perform "in the near future and possibly never again."
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Pop princess and dance floor icon Britney Spears may never perform again according to her longtime manager Larry Rudolph. In a breaking story from TMZ, Rudolph said it's his opinion that Spears won't return to the Vegas stage or possibly any others.  

Rudolph explains, “As the person who guides her career — based on the information I and all of the professionals who work with her are being told on a need-to-know basis — from what I have gathered it’s clear to me she should not be going back to do this Vegas residency, not in the near future and possibly never again.”

Rudolph has managed Spears since the beginning of her independent career. He helped with her first album "Baby… One More Time,” which was released in 1999. 

“I’ve been with her for two-thirds of her life,” he tells Variety. “I look at her almost like I look at my own daughter. It’s very emotional for me … and really rough. Personally, I want for her to just find a peaceful, happy place — whatever that means for her. It’s not about a career anymore — it’s about life.”

The 37-year-old "Toxic" singer has postponed her Vegas residency which was supposed to start on February 13, due to her father's recent bout with a ruptured colon. She will also undergo a psychological evaluation. 

Work has already been done on the Vegas show, Rudolph says Spears had rehearsed the production before it was canceled. 

Focusing on her career is not at the top of her priorities says Rudolph, "She’s putting herself ahead of everyone else, and I’m proud of her for that. If she never works again, she never works again. My role is to handle her career when she wants a career. If she comes back strong and full of desire and passion and wants to do it, great. If she takes off six months or six years, it’s totally fine. To me, it’s about her finding her happy place," he said. 

Spears’ father Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet shared the responsibility as her co-conservators until this past March when Wallet resigned the duty making Jaime Spears her sole conservator. 

Many conspiracy theories have circulated around why the singer has been absent from the public eye, but Rudolph says the reason is as simple as self-care. 

“I understand how much these fans love her and support her and I love that,” says Rudolph. “The part that concerns me is that it has no factual basis. The personal issues that Britney is dealing with are highly complicated and the conservatorship is there for a reason. The courts of the State of California take this very seriously. I hope the people allow her to have her private time.”

Rudolph admits that he hasn't talked to Spears “in four or five months," but re-emphasizes that only means she's “not thinking about her business and her career — she’s dealing with these issues. Her not calling me tells me that she’s taking care of herself.”

He says he's in contact with Spears' parents but they have him “on a need-to-know basis." Rudolph maintains that he is still “very close” to the performer. 

Though her stage presence is in question, Spears has been working on a studio project says Rudolph, "At some point, she’ll record again. There’s a slow-moving project she’s been dabbling in and out of that’s the beginning of something.” 

Whether or not she will be back on stage remains to be confirmed by the singer herself, but Rudolph adds, “Let her be a civilian for a while. She’s given so much. Give her time.”