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Ad parody for kid's "Cruising" playset goes viral

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Scene from "Crusing" (1980)

Millennials probably have the biggest selection of LGBT themed stories in modern cinema. But go back about four decades and if there was a gay person in a movie they were either a tragic pawn or a serial killer. 

Case in point was the groundbreaking movie "Cruising" starring Al Pacino who plays an undercover detective infiltrating the New York kink scene to catch a killer. 

That scenario doesn't seem like a great idea for a kid's toy, but leave it to talented content creators to do it anyway. 

Rob Zigmont posted a mockumercial that resembles a toy ad from the '80's in which two kids supervised by dad play a slot car game based on the rated R film. 

The set includes a scale model of New York's underbelly, an oval electric racetrack, a suspicious van and a leather-clad action figure with "lock eyes" and a handkerchief decoder pamphlet.

Just as the kids are about to have their action figure approach the van for a rendezvous, the cops arrive on the scene. Or do they? 

The video has gone viral with 847K views since Saturday. 

You can watch the full video HERE.