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PBS kids show "Arthur" reveals one of its main characters is gay

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Get ready for conservative organizations such as One Million Moms et al., to have a collective meltdown with a boycott most likely to follow as PBS has revealed in one of its most popular kid's shows that a main character is gay--a teacher no less!

But before all of the fallout begins, let's take a little time to celebrate this television event by quoting one of the characters on the show about the plot twist, "It's a brand new world."

In its season 22 premiere, the network's most popular kids show "Arthur" used a classic "misunderstanding" sitcom approach to announce that one of its main characters is in a same-sex relationship.

Elementary school teacher Mr. Ratburn is getting married, but his students jump to a conclusion and don't approve of who they think his fiance is: she's pushy, and demanding (voiced by Jane Lynch). 

The kids decide to investigate why their beloved teacher would marry such a demanding lady only to find out they were wrong all along, the woman is actually his sister. So who is Mr. Ratburn about to marry? 

It's not until the day of the big event and the wedding march that they realize Mr. Ratburn is marrying another man---he's gay!

Titled “Mr. Ratburn & the Special Someone," this isn't the first time "Arthur" broached the subject of LGBT characters, only last time they pulled the episode after conservative critical backlash. 

Social media has had the first crack at criticism this time around with positive feedback. Some mocking "Game of Thrones" for its appointment television, saying this coming out story is just as noteworthy.

"Ya'll still tweeting about GoT when Mr.Ratburn just got married on the season priemere (sic) of Arthur smh," wrote Huda Jabbar on twitter. 

Although "Arthur" may lack the grandeur of a huge, special effects laden battle scene, Mr. Ratburn's wedding is no less epic as far as history-making children's television. Even Disney won't commit to including gay characters in its animation department. 

Congratulations Mr. Ratburn!