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Harry's Shave Co. advert is trans-inclusive

Harry's Shave Co.features a trans man.
Photo credit:
Harry's - YouTube

Harry’s Shave Company has joined the upswing of companies who include LGBT people in their commercials. AT&T has a current one in which a married male couple is going out on date night, but the babysitter can't even remember their kid's names. 

Harry's has a subtler approach in their commercial. In it, several men, some hirsute, some not, are given the choice to shave. 

“We’re not here to question when, why, or how you shave,” the YouTube video caption reads. “In fact, we’re not even here to suggest you shave at all."

In one matter-of-fact moment, a transgender man looks into the mirror admiring the closeness of his Harry's razor shave, the scars of his top surgery visible in the frame. 

Inclusivity has been dominating the mainstream market lately. It seems big corporations are realizing that the fallout of having LGBT people featured in their ads is worth the cost of disapproving conservative online petitions that want them taken down. 

Last month Walmart was targeted by the "family values" organization American Family Association to remove a pseudo-ad on social media which featured a gay blind date wherein the two men went shopping inside the store. 

Walmart has denounced anti-LGBT legislation in the past. In 2015 CEO Doug McMillon voiced opposition to HB 1228 an Arkansas religious freedom bill.

"Today's passage of HB1228 threatens to undermine the spirit of inclusion present throughout the state of Arkansas and does not reflect the values we proudly uphold," McMillon said at the time.  "For these reasons, we are asking Governor [Asa] Hutchinson to veto this legislation."

This is good news for Harry's because they proudly say, "if you do shave, we’re here for you. And we’re in Walmart and Target, too.”