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Dishes at the Crest Café are always Instagram-ready

Great food caught on camera.
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Crest Cafe

No doubt you have a friend on social media who loves to take pictures of their restaurant food.

That can either make you jealous because they are eating out yet again, or make you hungry depending on what they show. 

There is one place in San Diego where the plates are always delicious and ready for their close-ups: Crest Café. Even the Food Network agrees. 

Guy Fieri dined at the restaurant on his Emmy-winning show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and said their signature Butter Burger was, "a level of juice you haven't seen before."

The picturesque menu isn't limited to the time of day so if you want breakfast at night or vice versa, everything is available.

Each meal is served on vibrant Fiestaware inspired plates for extra artistic flair. 

Owned and operated since 1982, the restaurant offers hearty and healthy comfort food in generous portions 365 days a year.

Morning meal items include the popular Breakfast Burrito, Veggie Breakfast Mess and the Artichoke and Ham Strata.

You can toast the day with plenty of beverages, including coffee, beer, wine, and mimosas.

So make your friends jealous, bring your appetite and your phone to Crest Cafe then use hashtag #crestcafe once your masterpiece is served. No filter necessary. 

Happy Eating!

Crest Cafe is located at 425 Robinson Ave, San Diego, 92103.