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Converse laces up for Pride

Another Pride season is gearing up to overtake city streets around the world, and Converse wants to make sure your feet are strapped to represent your tribe but also endure the pavement. 

Their new Pride line of footwear is now available, including, for the first time, a special trans flag color edition. 

The shoes are being sold between $60 to $80 a pair, but shipping is free.

Pride has become a big business in the mainstream market for the past couple of years. In what used to be a market dominated by alcohol and condoms, corporations are budgeting their advertising dollars to include Pride-themed merchandise during the summer. 

Everything from fast food containers to snack items to clothing, rainbow-themed items can be found dominantly displayed in the marketplace including in the aisles and end caps of big-box retailers. 

Converse’s Pride line includes eight different designs.