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Chris Lilley returns to character comedy for Netflix in "Lunatics"

Chris Lilley returns to character comedy for Netflix in "Lunatics."
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If you don't know who Chris Lilley is you should bone up on his work before the premiere of his new Netflix show "Lunatics" which airs on April 19. 

The Australian comedian has made a career out of character sketch comedy perhaps his most notable is his in-drag portrayal of "Ja 'mie Private School Girl." That show is actually a spin-off of his popular comedy mockumentaries "We Can Be Heroes" and "Summer Heights High."

Lilley has won several Australian entertainment awards for his seemingly improvised acting that accentuates each of his character's quirks. That skill only adds to the realness of the documentary-style programs, and he often uses drag as a method. 

True to form, Lilley will portray six new individuals in "Lunatics," each with their own oddities. 

Netflix describes them as:

• Keith, a fashion retail veteran embarking on a new business venture who struggles with objective sexuality issues and his deep love for a cash register.

• Becky, an extraordinarily tall university freshman embarking on life in an American college with her twin sister and dealing with social issues and life with massive legs.

• Gavin, a confronting young boy and future earl of an English country estate dealing with the pressures of his future and trying to be a kid.

• Jana, a lesbian pet psychic to the stars who from her South African home base struggles with an unrequited love for her personal assistant.

• Quentin, an incompetent real estate agent about to inherit a family business who dreams of being a world-renowned DJ and street artist.

• Joyce, an eccentric elderly ex-porn star and hoarder who is now a recluse who obsessively collects things while facing an impending eviction.

Lilley faced a barrage of criticism in 2017 after he posted a music video on Instagram that featured one his characters; an indigenous fellow named S Mouse who makes it big in the world of hip hop.

Although Lilley dons blackface to portray the character, the controversy was in the alleged real-life subject matter of the video which portrays an indigenous boy lying dead in the street.

The comedian denied it, but many thought the video was referencing the 2016 death of Elijah Doughty, an indigenous murder victim whose killer was charged with manslaughter but then acquitted shortly after. 

"Lunatics" will stream on Netflix starting April 19.