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Dance floor diva Kim English has died

Singer Kim English has died. She was 48
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Nervous Records

Kim English, 48, who had many dance club hits in the late '90s and early '00s, has died according to her label Nervous Records. 

Her uncompromising queer club anthems were the soundtrack of a house generation and they dominated the US dance charts for almost a decade. 

“Kim’s discography includes several songs that are widely recognized as all-time classics in the house music genre," reads Nervous Records' Facebook post. "She had a unique ability both through her singing and songwriting talents to inspire people to dance and also celebrate the joys of God and religion."

“She was a deeply religious and devoted member of the Family Christian Center in Munster, Indiana. While she had many opportunities to travel the globe as a singer, she remained a devoted family member and member of her church, and never allowed herself to be distracted from the path she felt was right for her.”

No cause of death has been reported.

The turn of the millennium was a big time for LGBT culture especially gay men who were identifying with characters from Queer as Folk and Trick. The club sound back then was as inspirational as it was infectious with BPMs in popular songs gradually gaining speed until they reached a fever pitch.

These were the types of songs English was known for. Whether it was "Every Day," "Missing You" or "Unspeakable Joy," she embraced the queer scene by way of her voice which flew to the rafters and beyond.