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San Diego is in love with "Carmen"

"Carmen" is now showing through April 7 at 7 pm Tuesday and Friday and 2 pm on Sunday.
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San Diego Opera

From the acting to the choreography to the music and singing, San Diego has fallen in love with "Carmen," this its 10th production since the San Diego Opera's opening over half a century ago. 

Written by Georges Bizet, this still-relevant Spanish love story has taken America's Finest City by storm. Audiences and critics agree that this production is something to behold especially with its titular star mezzo-soprano Ginger Costa-Jackson and tenor Robert Watson as Don José.

Filled with passion and betrayal, "Carmen" is as suspenseful as it is dramatic.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Carmen is one fiery gypsy woman…a femme fatale who lives life on her own provocative terms. The next notch on her belt is the naïve soldier Don Jose who is bewitched by her passion and gives up everything to be with her, including his sweetheart Micaela. In her true heartless fashion, Carmen becomes bored and callously drops her young lover when her path collides with the macho bullfighting Escamillo. Obsessed and alone, will Don Jose’s jealousy ignite an emotional bonfire that destroys them all.

The San Diego Union-Tribune raved about this production, calling it  "dazzling' and "thought-provoking."

Visually, "Carmen" invigorates the San Diego Civic Theatre with eye-popping scenery, costumes and "Chris Rynne’s ever-transforming lighting design" which moves "from sunny daylight to shadowy darkness as Don José's obsession grows, and finally to the blood-red sunset finale outside Seville’s bullring."

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"Carmen" is now showing through April 7 at 7 pm Tuesday and Friday and 2 pm on Sunday.

San Diego Opera at the San Diego Civic Theatre, 1100 Third Ave., downtown

Sung in French with projected English translations.