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Video game lets you win by shooting "rainbow militants" in nightclub

video game lets you kill LGBT people in order to win.
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A P - YouTube

Even the multitude of disclaimers and explanations by developers saying this video game is only a "parody" isn't stopping some people from charging that Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day (sic) is no joke.

The game seems to be born of developers looking to ignite controversy and notoriety by using historical characters such as Jesus and Hitler to gun down people in the LGBT community et al., even going so far as to have them commit a mass shooting on "rainbow militants" inside a nightclub in order to win the game. 

The game's website is full of rhetoric which claims they have not based any character or victim after specific "real" people in society even though avatars contain tells which resemble the indelible cultural personalities.

They say that the disclaimers are provided because some people have become offended by the subject matter and have targeted them unfairly. 

They write:

"Due to various false news pieces surrounding Jesus strikes back judgement day (JSB: JD) recently (as a result of “internet memes”, misinformation, and “fake news” stories), it has become necessary to explain below what should have been blatantly obvious. JSB JD is a SATIRICAL PARODY. This cannot be emphasized enough. JSB JD is not a political statement, testament or propaganda. JSB: JD satirizes political culture not through direct dialogue or humorous speech, but by allowing the player to play from the viewpoint of a collection of fictional characters representing satirical, “straw-man” depictions of political culture."

One "fictional" character is Adolf Hitler who they said actually isn't Hitler in a product update late last year.  

"Hitler is not mentioned or featured in this video game. Perhaps your [sic] mistaken by our entirely fictional character Dolph. You likely assumed that just because he is Austrian and has a mustache he is Hitler. If that is the case, your a disgusting, fascist, racist and you have offended the entire Austrian Male Mustache community."

The game was at first thought to be a trolling hoax to generate hype from conservatives and liberals alike. But developers have recently announced the alpha version is now available for purchase. They double-down on their claim that the whole thing is just a joke and news stories that say otherwise are "fake." 

"JSB: JD is satirical humor, and is NOT a game which features simulated violence against anyone based on any immutable characteristic (such as gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc) whatsoever (see below for full clarification on this matter). We cannot stress this matter enough, and since such claims are entirely false and without merit, we ask that all who read this stop in further spreading such falsehood. Feel free to contact us at the above email if you have any concerns!"

With all its violence and implied fodder, the company wants to make it clear they do not condone violence in the real world:

"All individuals and characters that are featured in Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day are purely fictional, and any resemblance to real-world figures alive or dead is purely coincidental. Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day is simply a comedic video game and does not promote, advocate, condone or incite violence against any individual(s) based on gender, race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, or sexual orientation. THIS IS A GAME!

This video game does NOT advocate support or endorse ANY political group, ideology, movement, entity or individual(s).  This video game makes NO comments whatsoever on political affairs, race, religion, sexuality, gender or real-world individuals or organizations at any time during gameplay."

There is currently a petition to have the game banned with organizers saying they want to "stop the creators from spreading false messages about Christianity and the LGBTQ community." 

Below is a video capture of gameplay that should be viewed with caution because of violence and subject matter, it is NSFW