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Jussie Smollett opens up about attack for the first time in TV interview

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Good morning America -- YouTube

Jussie Smollett was on Good Morning America Thursday morning in his first televised interview since the attack. 

First, he addressed the people who question the validity of the story. He says those people are blind to real-world problems. "It's not that you don't believe this is the truth,” he said, ”you don't even want to see this is the truth."

Smollett says on the night of the attack he was out in the streets of Chicago looking to appease his hunger when someone addressed him as "Empire."

"I don’t answer to 'Empire.' My name ain’t 'Empire,' and I didn’t answer," he explains. "I kept walking, and then I heard "(faggot) 'Empire' (N-word).' So, I turned around and I said, 'The f**k did you just say to me?'”

When he looked to face the person he saw he was wearing a mask, “'This MAGA country, (N-word).' Punches me right in the face," Smollett continues. "So I punched his ass back. And then we started tussling and it was very icy.”

The fight between two became three as another man began, “kicking me in my back, and then it just stopped. And they ran off.”

Lasting less than a minute the two assailants fled, but left something behind which terrified Smollett. “I noticed the rope around my neck, and I started screaming. I said, 'There’s a fu**ing rope about my neck.' "

Providing a description to the police proved hard because of the brevity of the crime and lighting conditions. 

"I can’t tell you what color their eyes were, and I did not see anything except the second person I saw running away," he says. "And the first person, I saw his stature. I gave the description as best as I could.”

Another thing Jussie had to fight were rumors that his ordeal was fabricated. But his representatives told Out that Jussie has only been forthcoming with investigators.  

“Jussie is the victim here, which has been stated by the Superintendent of Police,” the statement says. “Jussie has voluntarily provided his phone records from within an hour of the attack and given multiple statements to police. Chicago PD has repeatedly informed us that they find Jussie’s account of what happened that night consistent and credible.”