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Beautiful "Frozen 2" teaser released

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Whether or not Elsa will come out in the second chapter of the "Frozen" story is beside the point in this gorgeous teaser trailer the House of Mouse dropped today.

In it, we see Elsa trying to tame the unpredictability of a raging ocean with her ice-making powers only to fail before backing up and trying again. 

Later, Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff, Sven the reindeer and Olaf the snowman are on the precipice of what looks like the start of a river valley adventure. 

"Frozen" has become a global phenomenon, making well over $1 billion worldwide with a successful stage show currently on Broadway. 

The LGBT community has speculated that Elsa might be a lesbian character based on the song "Let it Go," which may hide clues to her identity.

But in true Disney fashion, they like to ride out the guessing game without confirming or denying any rumors about their characters until the film is released with little or no substantial confirmation.

"Frozen 2" will hit theaters this fall on November 22.