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Here are 7 interesting things about "Interview With The Vampire"

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as The Vampire Lestat and Louis.
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Whether or not you feel Neil Jordan's 1994 adaptation of Anne Rice's epic vampire novel was true to her vision, the movie was a huge success at the time and has gone on to become a cult favorite.

This month FilmOut San Diego is bringing the blockbuster back to the big screen for one night only. 

It was sort of groundbreaking at the time with its subtle homoerotic overtones between its two major Hollywood stars, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt playing Lestat and Louis respectively. 

In anticipation of FilmOut's 25th-anniversary screening on Wednesday, February 20 at Hillcrest Cinemas - Landmark Theatres, here are seven things from IMDb that you may have not known about the movie.

The actors hung out, literally

All the actors playing vampires were required to hang upside down for up to thirty minutes at a time during the make-up application.

This would force all the blood in their bodies to rush to their heads, causing the blood vessels in their faces to bulge out. The makeup artists would then trace over the swollen veins creating the eerie translucent-skinned vampire look. Unfortunately for the actors, they would have to repeat the process several times over, as the blood would quickly drain from their heads. This, in part, accounts for the lengthy make-up process.

The big reveal

Tom Cruise wanted a private set, and hence tunnels were built to escort the actors to and from the set. This was done so that the vampire's makeup effects would remain a secret

Pitt was very uncomfortable

In an EW interview in September 2011, Brad Pitt revealed that he had a miserable experience while making this film. He recalled the discomfort of the makeup, colored contacts and particularly filming in an enclosed dark indoor area. He said at one point he called his friend and producer David Geffen and begged him for a way out. Learning that it would cost forty million dollars, he toughed it out for the remaining months.

A first kiss

Kirsten Dunst shared her first on-screen kiss in this film with Brad Pitt, even though there was an 18-year age difference between them. In a subsequent interview, she revealed the scene had made her uncomfortable. She remarked: "I thought it was gross, that Brad had cooties. I mean, I was twelve."

The film inspired a real-life murder

The film was a subject of controversy due to inspiring a real-life crime shortly after the film's theatrical release.

On November 17, 1994, a man named Daniel Sterling and his girlfriend Lisa Stellwagen watched the film together. The next day, Sterling stabbed Stellwagen seven times in her chest and back and sucked the blood from her wounds. Fortunately, Stellwagen survived the multiple stab wounds and Sterling was arrested. He claimed in court that the film influenced his plan and the jury convicted him of attempted first-degree murder, among several other charges.

A historic location

The estate of Louis (Brad Pitt) in the beginning of the film was the historic Oak Alley Plantation located on the Mississippi River in Vacherie, Louisiana, which is near New Orleans. The plantation's "guest book" is on display and was signed by Pitt and Tom Cruise.

The novel had a much bigger LGBT overtone

A gay subtext to the novel was omitted from the film; Lestat expects Louis to sleep with him; Lestat, Louis (and later Claudia) are a family. Anne Rice mentions "stone walls" in the novel, which could be an oblique reference to the gay rights movement of the same name.

FilmOut presents "Interview With The Vampire" at the Hillcrest Cinemas - Landmark Theatres on Wednesday, February 20.