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Disney character finally says on TV: "I'm gay"

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Disney Channel

Back in October of 2017, there was a groundbreaking moment at the House of Mouse when on the tween drama series Andi Mack one of its main characters, Cyrus Goodman (Joshua Rush), had a coming out story

That story continued into its current season until finally last week on Friday's episode he uttered the words “I’m gay.”

The episode was titled “One in a Minyan,” and Cyrus along with friends are attending a funeral for his grandmother. It's at that time Cyrus turns to longtime former crush Jonah Beck and warns him about the gifilte fish and adds, "And I’m gay."

“Yeah?” Beck grins. “Cool.”

And that's it. There's a joke about Jonah eating the Gefilte fish anyway and spitting it out, "Dude, I told you not to eat the Gefilte fish," remarks Cyrus, adding, "I didn't expect this to be the hard part." 

Out Magazine reports that the scene was written by Jonathan Hurwitz who wrote a post for GLAAD in which he said, “As someone who’s Jewish, has dealt with long-term anxiety, and has come out to his friends and family, I had a very personal stake in this one,” Hurwitz wrote. Before the coming out, earlier in the episode Goodman hand helped calm Beck down form a panic attack. “So you can imagine how I felt when the story breaking was complete and our showrunner, Terri Minsky, turned to me and asked, ‘Do you want to write this episode?’”

When the story arc began last year the anti-gay group One Million Moms boycotted the show saying, “By choosing to abandon family-friendly entertainment, Disney’s inexplicable choice to move toward more 'adult' fare may ultimately prove to be a huge mistake.” 

But a year later and the story has not wavered despite the criticism. 

“Through Cyrus’ journey both in this episode and the series at large, I hope that audiences understand this — that we're all worthy of being heard, seen, and loved by the friends and family with whom we surround ourselves,” Hurwitz wrote for GLAAD . “Even when they’re distracted by the gefilte fish.”

You can watch Andi Mack Fridays on The Disney Channel