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Musicians hang with their younger selves in photo project

Photo artist turns timelines on their head with photo montages.
Photo credit:
Ard Gelinck

Digital artist Ard Gelinck is like a paparazzo traveling between two universes blending timelines seamlessly into each other allowing some of our favorite celebs to hang out with their younger selves. 

His latest project is an example of this cool continuum as he has taken famous musicians and paired them with their less mature personas in mind-bending photos.

Although many of his famous subjects are still living, he also includes evocative photo-shopped snaps of legends who have passed. 

These are the eeriest of the bunch, but strangely, they also create a sense of nostalgia and emotional closure for ever-grieving fans.

Gelinck isn't all about the music though, he uses his digital skills to bring together young and older versions of Richard Gere, Tom Hanks, Michelle Obama, and Julia Roberts to name only a few. 

If you are looking to put yourself down a photo rabbit hole take a look at Gelnick's archived Tumblr album for a variety of different stars who pose with themselves at different stages in their lives. Or he has a whole Instagram page he calls photo-time-traveling.