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Dad and son go viral in "Frozen" living room dance-off

Photo credit:
Ørjan Burøe - Facebook

Norwegian comedian Ørjan Burøe and his son have melted the hearts of internet viewers with their rendition of "Let it Go" from the Disney film "Frozen."

The heartwarming rendition came about after the guys had the house to themselves, “Mom is gone, no stress,” reads the caption in the Facebook video. 

Clad in Elsa princess dresses and tiaras, the duo serve up princess realness twisting and turning in gleeful choreography. 

“He’s just the biggest fan of Elsa at the moment,” Burøe tells CBS News. “I thought maybe I should try to see it through his eyes.”

Burøe says that his son relates to Elsa because of her strength and perseverance. Gender just doesn't matter.

“Just like kids don’t see color of skin,” he adds. “He just sees something that’s great. For him, Elsa is a superhero.”

The matching costumes were bought online, and as much as they were necessary to portray the part, there was also something bigger at play.

“It’s important to teach children that you can do whatever you want to do, and not put prejudice all over them. Soon enough you will find out who you’re going to be in life.”

With hundreds of thousands of views and counting, the video has garnered mostly positive comments although there have been some criticisms including one from UK journalist Piers Morgan. 

"Why does this make him any more 'BEST DAD' then [sic] one who plays football with his son. Ridiculous," Morgan wrote, to which Burøe responded with yet another clip; kicking a football to his son in the Elsa dress.

Watch the original video HERE.