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Kevin Hart to appear on "Ellen"

Ellen will sit with Kevin Hart on Monday.
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[Update: Kevin Hart will actually appear on Ellen this Friday]

Unfortunately for Kevin Hart, his past caught up with him and homophobic tweets from a few years ago were enough to pressure him to step down from hosting this year's Oscar telecast. But he may have a chance to explain himself when he appears on Ellen next Monday. 

The offending tweets were pretty violent in nature. In one he said if he caught his son playing with dolls he would smash a dollhouse on his head and shame him. In another, he remarked about one of his followers looking like an AIDS victim. 

Once the news broke about his social media conduct, he refused to apologize, only to later did he say he was sorry that he "hurt people." 

According to the Daily Beast’s Matt Wilstein the comedians will sit down with each other on Ellen's show this coming Monday, January 7. 

DeGeneres herself has been riding high. Her Netflix stand-up special has been well-received and audiences seem to love that she is a bit edgier than what she portrays on TV.

The conversation with Hart could go either way, they might have an open discussion about his past, or Ellen could give him the third degree. Either way, it may be the only time Hart will have an opportunity to issue a genuine apology about his behavior.