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Gaming developer's coming out tweet goes viral

This gaming developer's coming out tweet was an unexpected viral sensation.
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Adam Fletcher - Twitter

Those familiar with California's Orange County, know how ultra-conservative it can be which makes this coming out story a little more special.

Adam Fletcher, 35, is a gaming lead for popular products such as Warcraft III: Reforged and StarCraft: Remastered for video game giant Blizzard Entertainment. 

On December 30, Fletcher bravely took to Twitter to reveal a very personal side of himself, something he's been indecisive about admitting. 

“I’ve typed this tweet maybe 10+ times this year because I haven’t figured out a proper way of saying it…” Fletcher wrote. “I’m gay.”

The power of coming out quickly took effect and it seemed a whole world of doubt lifted from his shoulders. 

“I’ve been scared to say it forever, but damn does it feel good to say now," he wrote. "Close friends and some co-workers know, but the general public doesn’t.”

Queerty reports that the post racked up impressive numbers and steadily went viral with 23K likes and 750 retweets. Fletcher also got hundreds of DMs showing support. 

Coming out in Orange County can be daunting, especially with its conservative population. Many religious organizations are based in the county. 

“I’ve had a ton of fear,” he said. “Fear that friends would shun me. Fear that it would hold me back career wise as bad apples always exist on a tree. And of course the fear of my family.”

But, he writes his professional life is a different story, 

"Blizzard and the culture of the company is super open and welcoming that I feel I can actually be me. It’s great and I’m thankful for it. Blizzard and the people there are amazing."

He added, “These wonderful people have given me more confidence and support. I’ve been able to lean against them through this when family wasn’t an option.”

And as with most coming out stories, Fletcher has a message for others: 

"And for those who may be in the same situation... Things really do get better."