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Drag queen Alexis Stone pulls off major "Mrs. Doubtfire" social experiment

Drag performer Alexis Stone reveals a huge surprise about her plastic surgery.
Photo credit:
Alexis Stone- Facebook

In what may be the biggest publicity stunt in the history of drag, Alexis Stone pranked the world by pretending to have had extensive facial reconstructive surgery, but surprise! it's all fake. 

The performer says in a YouTube post that for the past 7 months she has been pretending to have changed her face, documenting the transitions with social media posts and updates. 

Oscar-winning make up effects artist David Marti helped Alexis with the experiment in which he cast her entire face in a mold.

The two men collaborated on looks that inspired Alexis then created "stunt masks" she could wear in public for the six month period. Keep in mind, no one knew of their plans. 

"Mask was worn every time I left the house," she wrote in a Facebook post, "collecting post, taking bins down, traveling, food shops."

Alexis says that the project was born from critics that shamed her for extensive plastic surgery that never happened.

"The last year-and-half since when I started having Botox or filler, I have every day been called botched," she says in a YouTube video. "I've been called a monster. I've accused of being addicted to plastic surgery. When the reality is I have only had one surgery."

Alexis wanted to bring awareness to what people think of others that go under the knife. 

"There is such a stigma behind plastic surgery and people have this idea that you can only receive or want surgery if you are in need of it from other people's point of view."  

She says the criticisms affected her in some ways, but it showed more about the people making the comments than anything else. Also, the stunt was the realization of a long-held dream.

"My goal as a child was to become Mrs. Doubtfire."

Alexis posted her final "post-op" look (first video below) in November assuring her 138K YouTube fans that she was completely healed and happy with her surgical makeover. But unbeknownst to the world, she was only wearing a mask. 

The final piece of the experiment came into play on Monday, January 1 when Alexis exposed the whole thing as one gigantic ruse in a documentary-style YouTube video.

In yet another video, she is seen peeling off her visage to reveal that nothing was ever done. 

Early in the experiment, Alexis made clear that this was an act of showmanship, nothing more. 

"This is my modern-day drag performance," she said. "Whether you want to call it drag or whatever you want to call it. This is my art."