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Out actor Donovan Scott is America's Santa

Donovan Scott may be the real Santa Claus!
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The holidays are a busy time of year for actor Donovan Scott who is probably the hardest working Santa in Hollywood. You may remember the actor from the golden era of silly 80s comedies such as "Police Academy," "Zorro the Gay Blade" or "The Best of Times." 

But it's this time of year that he keeps himself the busiest, clad in a red and white suit and natural white beard; he plays Santa Claus in movies, sitcoms, and advertising. 

He's been St. Nick for the comedy "Superstore" and soap "Days of Our Lives" in the past. 

This holiday season he's an ever-frustrated Father Christmas for gaming retail giant GameStop with a series of hilarious ads like the one below. 

Even the United States Postal Service can't resist him, they put him in their Spanish speaking Christmas commercial.

But there is more to Scott than his holiday alter ego, he is also an out actor who has been with his husband for 45 years and married for 26. His career has spanned many decades and through many countries.

He's told us in the past that he never makes his sexuality the focus of his professional life and instead lets his talent lead the way. That being said, his husband often accompanied him to sets in his early career, locations that included Africa and Russia. He says there was never a problem. 

His globe-trotting ways seemed to have paid off as he is now the ultimate jet-setter, figuratively visiting every country and every household of those who believe, starting tonight. 

Scott loves the season and if you follow him on social media you will get a daily dose of his holiday humor. 

“I love the character of Santa and what he stands for; magic and innocence,” Scott told us in a previous interview.

There is probably no one more perfect for the role...if it is one. He may just be, as Coca-Cola said, the real thing