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Popeyes offers "support chicken" to air travelers

"Emotional Support Chicken" is now a travel companion thanks to Popeyes restaurants.
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ABC 10 News

Talk about comfort food, this Popeyes at the Philadelphia International Airport is helping nervous fliers ease their anxiety with a new promotion. 

This past year there have been many stories of emotional support animals making their way into airline cabins, and although it's a legitimate way to ease social anxiety, the internet has made a joke out of it. One meme showed a passenger bringing an elephant on board. 

Due to the influx of incidents, commercial airlines have had to update their guidelines for the companions and most recently rejected a passenger who brought a fish on board.

In an effort to cash in on this trend and comfort people from the inside out, Popeyes has created a to-go box called an "Emotional Support Chicken," which, you guessed it, looks like the farmyard animal. 

The cardboard carrier was made available only at that Philadelphia airport location on Dec. 18.

The whimsical carton contains a three-piece meal chicken tender combo.

The company explains it's meant to bring some levity to the stressful bustle of holiday travel. 

The item will be available for a limited time, the company said.