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Iceman's gay story arc betrays LGBT readers with twist ending

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Marvel may have erased many things this year, but for the LGBT community their decision to remove any groundbreaking significance to the gay Iceman storyline has left loyal readers feeling dumbfounded and betrayed.

In the final issue of X-Men's Extermination series a timeline conflict meant Iceman aka Bobby Drake was sent back to his original time, and worse, his memory is wiped which means his coming out never happened and he'll be returning to the closet.

Extermination began back In 2012 when the five original young  X-Men: Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman (Drake), and Angel were catapulted into the future where Iceman eventually found the courage to come out. 

The time-traveling Drake came out to Marvel Girl in 2015 then sought guidance from his older self about their sexuality. The modern Drake came out too, thus fixing the continuum. 

But the six-year series had to come to an end. In the finale young Drake along with his companions have to return to their original time, but with a cost. 

For some reason, writers had a problem with continuity and in the final issue, they decide to wipe the visiting  X-Men of all their modern memories. 

This means Iceman will have no recollection of ever coming out and will return as a closeted man. 

In a final scene the young Drake meets up with the modern one and they talk about what this means.

"I’m not the same person," young Drake says to his older self. "I don’t want to go back to pretending I’m something I’m not."

To which the older Drake responds, "If you hadn’t come here and been able to embrace who you really are, then I’d still be living a lie too."

"So, no matter what happens when you go back, you finally let me be honest with myself. And no one can take that from us."