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Trans boy band meets goal, ready to make a reality show

It appears trans boy band series "Born Stars" might become a reality series.
Photo credit:
Seed & Spark

If the crowdfunding donation tracker is accurate, the world will soon be getting a web reality show which follows the lives and careers of a trans boy band.

The Seed & Spark fundraising page describes the show: "Born Stars seeks to see if the recurring phenomenal popularity of a boy band can transition (pun intended) and still capture the kind of pop-culture zeitgeist they have had throughout history."

The four young bandmembers include series creator Cole Hayes, Ethan Remillard, Xander Idris, and Rowan Seitz. They have no qualms about giving the public a warts and all look inside their lives.

“We took our inspiration for the show directly from Entourage and Making The Band and actually a little bit of Big Brother too because what we want is [for] all of us to be together all the time,” Remillard explained in the fundraising video.

Leading the band with vocals is Ethan, Xander on guitar, and Cole as the rhythm guitarist. The group isn't sure what Rowan will do, “[He] does something I’m sure,” quipped Remillard.

As for the name of the band, Ethan joked about it with OUT,  “Our band is called Ladyboy, but only because we can’t call ourselves The Trannies.”

Idris explains a series such as this one is not only groundbreaking but inspirational, “We’re hoping with this show to show people that we’re someone’s son or someone’s brother or someone’s grandson, boyfriend; we’re humans with dreams just like everybody else.”

Historically, trans men are not often the focus of the media and that seems a little one-sided according to Ethan. “We want to show kids you can be successful and trans at the same time,” he said. 

 With only 17 days left in the campaign, it has already raised the $25,000 goal, some of which will go to a good cause. 

“After our campaign closes, we’ll be making a personal matching donation (up to 25 percent) to trans youth organizations in need," said Remillard. "Through this we can continue to spread not only trans awareness but actually take care of the trans kids in troubled situations—of which unfortunately— there are many.”