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Naomi Smalls strikes a "Pose" in new music video

Naomi Smalls takes a "pose" in her latest video.
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Naomi Smalls - Pose

Naomi Smalls is no stranger to the Drag Race werkroom and neither are the other queens currently competing on the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, but Smalls has something they don't, a new music video. 

The bright-eyed drag star premiered "Pose," a new ballroom house anthem on this weekend’s episode. 

“Naomi Smalls is a fashion model and ‘Pose’ is her dream world,” she explains. 

Music producers Cameron Traxxx and Todd Diederich and Weird Life Films helped with the track, a project Namoi says was the most fun of her professional career. “I loved the entire process of creating the song and its music video. I think it will give viewers an enjoyable glimpse into my chaotic mind.”

Naomi Smalls, a.k.a. Davis Heppenstall was a contestant on season eight of RuPaul’s Drag Race, ultimately losing the crown to Bob The Drag Queen. After relocating to Chicago she discovered a newfound love for hip hop and fashion, the very essence of her drag name. 

“Windy City DJ’s like Derrick Carter and Michael Serafini got my lanky ass on the dance floor in a way that never happened in the past.  Spinning around and posing my heart out was the greatest fun and the most me I have ever felt.”

She explains why bringing "Pose" to Drag Race All Stars 4 was so important. “I needed a secret weapon that would spotlight my talent and make the judges and viewers gag.”

“Pose is a celebration of runway, models, glamour and confidence,” she continues.  “It highlights the one thing Naomi Smalls does better than any fashion queen out there: Pose.” 

‘Pose’ by Naomi Smalls releases to iTunes on December 27. You can watch the video below.