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Drag queens become Dolly Parton for "Jolene" dance video

Drag queens star as Dolly in new "Jolene" music video.
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Dolly Parton is on par with Cher as an LGBT music icon, and Drag Race alumnus Ginger Minj is paying homage to the country legend in a new music video. 

Ginger is joined by fellow drag sisters Alaska, Dela, Manila, Bebe, and Katya in the colorful companion video to the rebooted Parton standard "Jolene." 

The song has a more energized vibe, with an electronic beat infused with dance floor synths and is a part of the soundtrack for the new movie "Dumplin'" streaming on Netflix.

Ginger stars in the film as one of the drag mentors who help the titular character find both inner and outer beauty. 

The video showcases the queens' abilities to transform into Dolly realness from jugs (literally) to wigs and they even take a ride on a mechanical bull. 

Watch the video below, then head over to Netflix and stream the film. 

The "Dumplin'" soundtrack is now available on all popular streaming services.