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Hannah Gadsby calls out a few "good men" at awards breakfast

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You may know Hannah Gadsby from her groundbreaking stand up special "Nanette" in which she skewers society's penchant for idolizing men who commit sexual assault, Pablo Picasso and Roman Polanski to name a few. Her personal account of being victimized is one of the most emotionally honest and unpredictable testimonies to have ever be written for a stand-up performance. 

She brought that honesty to the Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast Wednesday and audiences didn't know how to respond. Gadsby stood before them to talk about the "good men" of late-night television; she labels them the "12 Jimmys."

The comedienne started off by saying she wanted to talk about these "good men," and the audience gave her a rousing round of applause, but she told them they might want to hear what she has to say first. 

"I want to speak about the very big problem I have with the good men, especially the good men who take it upon themselves to talk about the bad men. I find good men talking about bad men incredibly irritating, and this is something the good men are doing a lot of at the moment," she said. 

"Not this moment, not this minute, because the good men don't have to wake up early for their opportunity to monologue their hot take on misogyny,” Gadsby continued, contrasting that many of these anti- misogynistic "good men" work on shows where women have been historically absent.

"My problem is that according to the Jimmys there are only two types of bad men. There are the Weinstein/Bill Cosby types who are so utterly horrible that they might as well be different species to Jimmy. And then there are the FOJs — the friends of Jimmys,”

Gadsby accuses these "good men" of ignoring the bad ones who aren't as "creepy" as Weinstein or Cosby. 

“These are apparently good men who misread the rules. Garden variety consent dyslexics. They have the rule book. But they just skimmed it. That a semicolon? My bad. I thought that meant anal," she said following that up by accusing the good ones of drawing lines in the sand, separating the Weinstein/Cosby types.

She explains, there's “a line for the locker room, a line for when their wives, mothers, daughters. and sisters are watching, another line for when they're drunk and fratting."

But Gadsby wasn't done yet. In her particular brand of broadsiding humor, she made another point.

"Take everything I have said up to this point and replace 'men' with 'white person,' and know that if you are a white woman you have no place drawing lines in the sand between good white people and bad white people," she said.

Finally, she added another twist to the dialog, asking the audience to replace “good men” with “straight, cis, able-bodied, and neurotypical.”