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Adults-only music video for "Wherever You Are" carries a powerful message

Jack Tracy’s “Wherever You Are” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all major digital platforms.
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Although Jack Tracy's latest video "Wherever You Are" has a message which goes much deeper than nudity and sex, it's still about as racy as YouTube will allow. 

“I think mainstream representations of gay love often cut around the actual sex in order to make us more palatable to straight audiences,” the singer says. 

The song is not as upbeat as Tracy's regular dancefloor numbers, it's more of a ballad, but, that doesn't stop it from being highly suggestive and even somewhat graphic. The video doubles down on the sexual aspect with images of public sex and bondage, Tracy even stripping down himself. 

He explains everything about the video is an extension of his most intimate thoughts, “It was important for me to have a song that expresses love in the way I experience it myself—a deeply erotic connection."

On the surface the theme of “Wherever You Are” is sexually suggestive as seen by the exposition of flesh, but the video reveals a twist that's a lot more serious. 

Tracy explains, “When it came time to think about the video, I took a step back and thought, ‘does the world need another video of two gay boys grinding up on each other?’ I didn’t want to create another tired thirst trap.”

The singer recalls the gay neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, New York, where homophobes would often harass him. He feels the current politically charged times are an extension of that, LGBT people, despite their recent victories are still fighting to be themselves and keep their rights. “Hate is on the rise all over the world and we need to be ready to defend ourselves.”

As for the technical part, the video's night exteriors were shot in Brooklyn just before dawn and the interiors were done in a photo studio. The entire thing took less than 24-hours to complete. 

“I edited the video that same night and had it ready to go the next day,” Jack Tracy explains, adding, “I’m a machine, henny.”

Although in the most intimate parts of the video Tracy is fully exposed, and his character appears completely fine with it, those were the hardest scenes for him to shoot.

"As a teenager, I was the kid who kept his shirt on at the beach. I have always hated my body," he says. "Even now, I pick myself apart in the mirror at least once a day for not being thin enough. It’s something I’m working on; and part of that is by pushing my own boundaries. Trust me, there is no one more scandalized by my nudity in this video than me, but Bambi’s gotta start walkin’ sometime, you know.”

Perhaps one of the most memorable scenes in "Wherever You Are" is the two men experimenting with their kinkier side, Tracy says it shows people romance doesn't always have to be candlelight dinners and holding hands on the beach. "Sometimes real intimacy is achieved by putting on outfits and living fantasies together.”

As for the drag queens who appear in the video that is to pay respect to their resistance and activism in LGBT history. “They have historically been the true militants of the gay rights movement.”

The singer recalls a recent news story about drag star Morgan McMichaels punching a Nazi sympathizer. “How ironic that before Drag Race, drag queens were often maligned within our own community, yet in the fight for our survival, they are the most likely to step in swinging."

"Wherever You Are" is only one part of Tracy's busy schedule this year. His timely indie circuit film Snowflake has been recognized as a semi-finalist in the Los Angeles Film Awards. The film follows a group of gay men as they maneuver through a Trump-infused America. 

“There’s an agenda to mainstream hate that argues Nazis and Proud Boys are entitled to not only their Constitutional right to free speech, but also to acceptance as a conservative counterpoint to be heard and made part of civil political discourse. We must never allow that to happen."

He adds: “Beyond politics, my hope for ‘Wherever You Are’ is that it inspires awareness and ultimately, encourages people to step in and help someone in trouble, rather than record it on their phone. Every single one of us in today's LGBTQ community is a politician, an ambassador, an activist and backup. We have to be.”

Jack Tracy’s “Wherever You Are” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all major digital platforms.

You can watch the NSFW video below: