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Nevada elects dead brothel owner and "Trump Republican" to legislative seat

Brothel owner Dennis Hof gets elected to Nevada legislative seat despite being dead for almost a month.
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In a macabre footnote to the 2018 midterm elections, Nevada voters elected a dead candidate to the state legislature on Tuesday. 

Reality star and brotheliteur Dennis Hof (R) died last month from unknown causes, but his name still appeared on the ballot next to Lesia Romanov (D) for Assembly District 36, a Trump territory. 

Hof had proclaimed himself not just a Trump supporter but a "Trump Republican." He had been a Libertarian until Trump won the election two years ago. Something Republicans in the state didn't care for and he was subsequently ignored by the party. 

But obviously, that meant little to voters who saw Hof on billboards in support of gun rights and eliminating the state commerce tax. 

Most people may remember the bald 72-year-old star from his appearances on HBO's adults-only reality series "Cathouse" which documented the lives of prostitutes living at the infamous brothel Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. 

In that show, Hof could be seen running the highly-structured business that included a sex menu and a house madame. 

Nevada law states that if a candidate is deceased and elected into office they have to nominate a living replacement. Makes sense.