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"Drag Race All Stars 4" contestants to be RuVealed this week

Trixie Mattel will reveal season 4 All Stars live on Thursday.
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The gals are back in town! RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars is heading into its fourth season and Trixie Mattel is going live on Thursday to RuVeal the returning queens. 

In a Twitter post, Trixie said she along with season two's Katya and Detox will expose the rundown on season four.

You can watch the live broadcast on YouTube at noon tomorrow, Eastern Standard Time. 

RuPaul had an impressive year in television, winning his third Emmy for Outstanding Host for RuPaul’s Drag Race proper.

The diverse and sometimes controversial reality series often outshines the oft times ill-mixed alchemy between its contestants. But the drama and shade are what make the competition entertaining, enough so that there are challenges built around those very things. And maybe those skills are brought into consideration to compete in All Stars

See who will compete again for the crown tomorrow, Thursday, November 8, at 12 pm EST.