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Mira Sorvino says she'll do a "Romy and Michele" reunion

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"Look Away"

Actress Mira Sorvino says she would do a Romy and Michele reunion movie if the opportunity presented itself. 

The Academy Award-winner is starring in a new horror film called Look Away, a revenge tale about an outcast teenager named Maria who allows her maniacal mirror image to swap places with her in order to wreak bloody vengeance on some high school bullies.

Sorvino plays Amy, a gloomy mother who just wants her misfit daughter to do what is socially necessary to be accepted. 

The theme is similar territory for Sorvino who played Romy, a high school reject herself in 1997's cult comedy classic Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Lisa Kudrow plays Michele; the Ethel to Romy's Lucy.  

In that film, ahead of their ten-year reunion, Romy creates an alter ego leading former classmates to believe she became wealthy by inventing Post-It notes. 

Embraced by the LGBT community, "Romy and Michele" is cherished for its fashion-forward quipping valley girl heroes, and mean girl revenge karma.

I asked her if there was any possibility that these characters would be revisited in a sequel or reunion, "I sure hope so, I really do," she said. "I love that movie."

We will revisit that topic later, in the meantime, I wanted to know her feelings about female representation in Hollywood both on screen and behind the camera. 

"I think our position in the industry is growing," she said noting that more work needs to be done in both representation and pay. "But I certainly think it’s a movement that’s sort of unstoppable, so I think your gonna see more and more diversity, a range of life experiences explored on screen; a lot more women, a lot more people of color and different ethnic backgrounds."

She believes the industry is off to a good start and hopefully progress will have a more inclusive reach.  "I think it’s going to start more accurately representing the audience because audiences are not predominantly white men, they’re everybody."

As for Romy and Michele, she's not telling me anything other than she hopes it comes together. 

"I don't know, I can't.." she paused. I sensed her signature smile through the phone. "I don't have any power except to say that I would do it. That's all I can say. So hopefully they'll get it together and make it." 

We do too. In the meantime, let's fold scarves! 

Look Away is currently playing On Demand.