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"Alice" may be getting a reboot from Diablo Cody

The 70's sitcom "Alice" is being eyed as a reboot from Fox.
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The cast of Alice

The entertainment industry has made good use of the phrase "everything old is new again" with its recent slew of revitalized situational comedies. From Will & Grace to Rosanne and even One Day a Time, comedies are rising from the dead to become successful second-comings. 

The latest inspiration is the 1970's single mom-com Alice, which starred Linda Lavin as a widow who finds herself waiting tables amid a cast of eccentric co-workers and customers in the state of Arizona.

Fox has given the reboot a put pilot commitment, and according to Deadline, it will be a multi-camera comedy produced by Diablo Cody (One Mississippi), Liz Astrof (2 Broke Girls) and original show house Warner Bros.TV.

The first sitcom wasn't an original idea either, that show was based on the Ellen Burstyn film Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, directed by Martin Scorsese. This reboot would follow much of the sitcom's arcs as Alice, having left her husband, moves to the Grand Canyon state with her son Tommy to start a new life. Lavin's character was written as widowed because censors considered divorced women a taboo subject back then. 

Both the original sitcom and the film on which it's based earned several awards including Gloden Globes and an Oscar for Burstyn respectively.