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Morgan McMichaels breaks hand punching "Nazi"

Morgan McMichaels injured herself after altercation with a white supremacist.
Photo credit:
Morgan McMichaels - Facebook

Morgan McMichaels went on Instagram Thursday evening sporting a cast which she says she got after fighting a Nazi. 

In her post, the RuPaul's Drag Race star she says she went into a store where she was approached by a man who, "informed me that he was a Nazi and he wanted to cut my fa**ot throat," she wrote. 

The aggressor took a swing and that's when Morgan says she "obliged him and finished the fight."

Ending the post, Morgan said of herself, “This faggot will not be victimized."

The star appeared on season 2 of the Emmy-winning RuPaul’s Drag Race., then came back to appear on All Stars

In a later update, Morgan showed off her crystal-encrusted cast thanks to friend and hair designer Hassan.

LGBTQ Nation reports that the drag queen has not confirmed is she talked to police.