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Lady Voldemort casts a spell over the internet

Florida Man introduces Lady Voldemort to the worldwide web and they love it.
Photo credit:
Florida Man - YouTube

A drag performer from the Sunshine State who is aptly named Florida Man has given the internet something special this week. People are definitely speaking her name. 

The artist took to the stage in Voldemort's villainous chalky makeup but didn't stop there. She made the entire routine into a burlesque show complete with a leotard and a striptease. 

Florida Man went on social media to explain to fans wondering what inspired her. “For those of you asking – it’s the third movie. That clip of Lady Voldemort performing was from the third movie. Director’s cut.”

Later the performer spoke to BuzzFeed to further define the supernatural showstopper. 

"But for a series with hundreds of characters, the fact that no characters were openly queer in the books or movies was discouraging. This character, for me, is about reimagining what a queerer universe for Harry Potter could look like," Florida Man said.

She lip-synced to Ariana Grande's song "Dangerous Woman"  as a part of tribute night at Heklina's drag show MOTHER, at SF Oasis.