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Petition started for Chicago drag queen to get on Ellen after heart wrenching performance

Photo credit:
KiKi Fierce - YouTube

Cee-Cee LaRouge is a drag headliner at Hamburger Mary's in Chicago. If you can't catch her there, she can usually be found on Facebook Live beating her face for the evening's performance, or answering questions in advice segments. 

Her Haus of LaRouge Facebook fanpage is followed by almost 13k subscribers and let's just say these fans aren't going let the Haus burn, or the people in it, without calling in the brigade. In fact, they are working together to get Haus member, KiKi Fiercė featured on the Ellen show. 

Two months ago Fierce had audiences reaching for tissues and their jaws after an inspired performance that literally stripped her down to her emotions. 

Fierce took two songs from the movie The Greatest Showman, "Never Enough" and "This is Me," and made them saliently personal.

The 2017 movie musical is based loosely on the life of P.T. Barnum, the ringleader of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. He became a celebrity popularized by his talented collection of human oddities near the turn of the century. The movie's soundtrack contains songs that LGBT people identify with, especially the showstopper "This is Me," an anthem that may just sum up the ideals of the entire LGBT spectrum. 

Fierce says she chose the songs for numerous reasons: "To show the followers what words, negativity, and bullying can do to someone. To show what I have been through throughout my entire life. To show the words I’ve heard day-in-and-out since the second grade."

Kiki ended her routine by coming completely out of drag to expose the man underneath. The audience was shook and so were other queens who ran up on stage to comfort her after the emotionally charged performance. 

Her tearful rendition inspired Elizabeth Cooreen Levesque to start a petition to get Fierce on Ellen. It should be noted that the site will ask for a donation, but that is not a requirement and the money does not go to KiKi. Your vote will still be counted. 

"KiKi is an amazing person, inside and out," wrote Levesque on the petition. "She recently did a performance and it was amazingly heart wrenching and over powering with love and acceptance. I want to help as much as I can; get her a well deserved trip to Ellen DeGeneres to share her story and love across the world!"

Whether Hollywood comes knocking remains to be seen, the petition has already garnered way over its initial goal. But if you haven't seen Kiki's performance you should check it out anyway because it speaks to a community who may have been called one or all of the vitriolic words written on her dress. 

 "I did this song to show that everyone has gone through bullying whether you’re part of the LBTQ+ community or not," wrote Fierce on her YouTube page. "We have all faced bullying. We must strip away those comments, those words, and that hate to show how beautiful we really are. To show the world that THIS IS ME."

It's a powerful moment and shouldn't be missed. 

Sign the petition HERE.