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Shirtless Violinist creates a romantic postcard with a twist

Photo credit:
Shirtless Violinist - YouTube

The Shirtless Violinist (Matthew Olshefski) not only loves classical music but seems to be a sucker for a classic romance too. In his latest video, he uses the song "Bring Him Home" from the musical Les Misérables as the soundtrack for a love story that ends on a high note.

The two characters have a meet-cute on a city street where our hunky musician is playing for tips. One passerby is lovestruck by the musician and boldly puts a dollar with his phone number in among the other gratuities, thus starting a sometimes tumultuous love affair between the two that comes full-circle by the end.

As with most of his videos, the Shirtless Violinist merges sex appeal with vibrato. He fiddles with popular songs turning them into videos that often feature his real-life boyfriend Paul. 

This latest video not only exposes his musical talent and physique but that he is really just a hopeless romantic. He is the perfect combination of Brahms and braun. 

"Our idea was to expand on the modern-day love story we began to tell last April," says Matthew. "Using a unique framing device, we wanted to show a few of the moments we all experience in relationships. From the first chance encounter to falling in love, and all the little moments in between. We hope enjoy this special love story with a surprise ending!"