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He sings his heart out and wins over the internet's

Adrian Matthew's emotional performance wins the internet.
Photo credit:
 Irishmae Escalona - Facebook

Sometimes you don't need a flashy reality show to discover the hidden talents of the world, take this post of young Adrian Matthew singing his heart out in a Facebook video uploaded by his mother on Sept. 28. 

Wearing only his school uniform that reads "Bobcat Cheer," young Adrian gives it his all in this emotional rendition of "She Used to Be Mine" from the musical "Waitress." We are sure he has just solidified his place in musical theater and pop culture history. 

"I always share his talent with the world and I will always proudly boast about that," wrote his mom Irishmae Escalona in the caption. "But this.... this song really hits home with me. Listening to and watching my own son sing a song like this? Well, you can see for yourself."

The video has already been seen by over 500k people as of this writing and we are sure that number will increase as more people are moved by his performance. We expect to see him on Ellen sometime soon once she gets wind of this heartstring performance. 

*I am beyond proud of you, Adrian Matthew. Mama loves you so much!" wrote Irishmae.

And so are viewers who have been lucky enough to have this young man's video pop up in their increasingly selective Facebook feeds.

Viewer Ginna Parfitt-Lamkie asked Adrian's mother in the comments section, "I watched when you first posted and this just popped up again bc it’s at almost at half of a million views. How’s that make you feel momma?"

She replied, "It gives me hope that my son's dreams are coming true and that I am lucky enough to watch it unfold"

So are we. 

You can watch the full video HERE.