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Jamie Lee Curtis visits 'Free Mom Hugs' founder, says "stay tuned"

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Jamie Lee Curtis - Facebook

Jamie Lee Curtis is about to have a phenomenal year at the box office when her movie "Halloween" opens on October 19. But the actress took some time out this month to visit Sara Cunningham, the founder of the "Free Mom Hugs" movement which offers loving embraces to LGBT kids who may be shunned by their own parents. 

Curtis went on social media this week and posted a selfie with Cunningham and said the silver-haired LGBT ally is not only her doppelgänger, but a "leader, social activist, mother, mama bear, general baddass and spectacular human," adding that her story is what brought her to Oklahoma City, "their support for LBGTQ members is heroic and important."

Curtis ended the message on a promising note, "as we say in show off business stay tuned," causing some people to read it as a hint for a possible movie role about Cunningham's life, but that cannot be confirmed. 

In turn, Cunningham also posted the selfie on her page saying the most beautiful things continue to happen to her because of the program, "this move of love and acceptance is seemingly unstoppable."

She said Curtis' visit brought "love and light to an entire community, accidentally. [Curtis] believes in Free Mom Hugs and has full intentions of helping us spread this love and healing right along with us!"

Last July, Cunningham's movement went viral after she announced on Facebook that she would gladly take the place of a parent who refuses to show up at a same-sex wedding. 

"If you need a mom to attend your same sex wedding because your biological mom won't, call me. I'm there," she wrote. As a person of faith, Cunningham said when her son came out to her years ago it caused some inner conflict. 

"It sounds bad to say it, but I felt like I had to choose between my child and faith," she told CBS. "I was under this impression it was the ultimate offense."  

But she discovered that there were many women in her same situation after creating a therapeutic private Facebook group, It changed her life and her way of thinking, leading her to attend a Pride parade wearing the now-famous pin that read "Free Mom Hugs," and a movement was born. 

The organization is now an entire group of "affirming parents who love their LGBTQ+ kids unconditionally," they say on their website. "For some, those hugs can be the difference between life or death."

The hugs will keep coming, but for now, Cunningham is basking in the excitement of spending time with a Hollywood legend. 

"When Jamie Lee Curtis comes to town you share stories, take pictures of local architecture, save baby birds and well...you get shit done," she wrote on Facebook, repeating Curtis' ambiguous undertone, "Stay tuned bitches. (I said that in love)."