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Kids give their two cents on Bert & Ernie in new video

Kids weigh in on the Bert & Ernie gay debate.
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Kids React - YouTube

The recent Bert and Ernie relationship status debate has turned into one of the biggest entertainment stories of 2018.

Despite an article in Queerty in which they interviewed longtime writer Mark Saltzman, and based on his own admission that he fashioned the roommates after his own same-sex relationship, Sesame Street said the puppets are still only friends. 

Even Bert creator Frank Oz said the odd couple is platonic. 

This debate has been ongoing for several years, but in 1994 the question was first posed en mass in a New York Times article called "Are Bert and Ernie Gay?" then again after the Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality when The New Yorker put the cuddling besties on their cover. 

The webseries "Kids React" thought they should take the question to where it really matters, the young Gen Alpha's who have modern views on the subject.

And as you might expect, the kids aren't really concerned with it. In fact, none of them in the video even thought the puppets could be more than friends until it was brought up as a possibility. 

"I don't think little kids know about love yet," said one little girl. 

Enlightened by the aspect, the kids were still on board with LGBT people being represented in kid's shows.

"Kids should know these things and not grow up to be like that's weird or ewww," said one young man. "No, they should be like okay with that, and I think that's great."

In the end, the kids seemed to be in agreement on one thing:

"Who cares?” one young man asks. “You need to care about the law, people! Care about the government!”

You can watch the full video below: