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Common Stock restaurant opens in Hillcrest

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Common Stock

A new eatery has opened in Hillcrest on 5th Avenue called Common Stock. It takes over the space that was once home to Salt and Cleaver which closed in 2016. The new restaurant is an upscale casual dining experience that serves a variety of proteins from rotisserie chicken to cheeseburgers and spicy poke. 

You can view an abbreviated version of the menu when you visit their website. the full menu will be revealed at the grand opening on September 14, 2018. Other items include hearty starters such as avocado hummus, umami fries, and caramelized onion dip. 

The San Diego Eater says owners Anderson Clark and Brian Douglass bring their Los Angeles hospitality expertise from the Hillstone Restaurant Group into Common Stock. That includes guests having a choice between ordering prior to seating or having full table service. 

The duo plan to open other restaurants under the Common Stock name throughout San Diego. They say the menu will get a boost with additions from southern barbecue items and beer and wine.

The owners promise, "Common Stock is a new breed of restaurant, where speed and efficiency intersect with grace and hospitality."